(in chronological order)

FM 2012 Glitch Swing - This is a rerecord of a set I spun, somewhat successfully, at a campout over Memorial Day weekend of 2012

BASS Mountain(mp3) - This was an impromptu bass set at a campout over Memorial Day weekend of 2011. Half the tracks are faves, the other were essentially unlistened to & unmixed by me before this set! Enjoy!

Robo-hop(mp3) - Electro-y goodness mixed with hip-hop.  getting better at my hip-hop mixing, and the inspiration to throw in electronic too made it work really well!!  I even tracklisted this one!!

Phatonia(mp3) - A recent hip-hop mix.  Some of the cuts aren't quite right, but I'm working on it!!  The track selection and overall flow still make me happy!  Expect the hip-hop mixes to change more frequently, as this is my current focus!

Electrospunk(ogg) - This should make you move...if not, there's something wrong with you!  ;)  Breaks, electro, beat-driven IDM - it's all there!

Elysian Fields(mp3) - An experimental downtempo set.  This was a demo for gigs at the Oxygen Bar

Beats & Fishheads(RealAudio - 32kbps) - A smaller-sized file for low-bandwidth users.  This is a pretty diverse mix, from electro-funk to trip-hop to Barnes & Barnes!!